Allow Normal Users to manage and set up their own fingerprints and codes

As a Owner and Admin, I would like Normal users to be able to set up their own fingerprints and passcodes in their own app. This would allow me to onboard new users by simply inviting them to use the app and then they can set up their fingerprints and passcodes themselves. Also, as an Owner and Admin, I would like Normal Users to change their own codes and fingerprints in their own app without an Admin or Owner to do it for them.

Detailed Situation: As a landlord of a multi-unit building, I placed an Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro WiFi on the exterior common door. However, I will be moving away and managing the building remotely. If I want a new tenant to move in, I would like to simply give them a temporary code to get in the door, invite their email, and they can download the app themselves and set up their own fingerprints and code when they walk in the door. This way, I would not have to be there in-person for them to set up their fingerprints or pass codes. Looking at my tenant’s phones, (iPhone and Android, latest version of the app), they cannot manage or change their own fingerprint or code.

I am using the Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro WiFi, but this applies to other models as well. Please help with a workaround if you know one for a remote landlord onboarding new tenants. I would simply place a set of keys in a lockbox if I wasn’t using a smart lock. Thanks! :grinning:

Have you tried the Ultraloq Air? Air includes many features you are asking for. Take a look and give it a try as it’s free. Send me an email and we can discuss if this is indeed right for you.