Can you transfer existing users to a newly added U-Bolt Pro?

I have a U-Bolt Pro installed on my front door. I am considering adding a second U-Bolt Pro to a back door. I want to know if I do that, can all my user fingerprints and codes be transferred to the newly added lock or do I have to have everyone setup their fingerprints and codes on the second lock also?


Having three locks, I’ve had to set up each device separately with each user. This is one of the features I wish they offered, to be able to set up users for multiple devices. It’s inconvenient and annoying to have to do it three times.


Got your message. Fingerprint copy with satisfactory stability is a pretty huge decision, I will keep my eyes on this one.


There are 4 very similar requests here in the wishlist @Frank. It would probably be worth it to consolidate them if possible.

Agreed. This is essential functionality.

See: Backup or profile sharing between devices

and Feature request: multiple device management

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Same issue. Transferring was incredibly frustrating.

I think a big security consideration here is saving fingerprints/passcodes anywhere but on the device itself (it feels less secure if it’s just saved on my account or in the cloud, which can be hacked, rather than only on the lock itself), so maybe instead of storing that info on the accounts it could just be stored on the device itself, but then functionality could be added to allow U-tec devices to share that info with devices on the same network. Or similarly, instead of real-time sharing if that’s too cumbersome for the devices, the app could allow one device to share its info with a new device either on a schedule (weekly or whatever), on-demand at the user’s request (so the user could go in to the app at any time and sync the data across his/her devices), or only when a user is added/modified on any device.

This would also be nifty when you have multiple devices and need to add a new user, you only need them to add their fingerprint on one device then it would share across all the others (or only specific ones) as the user wants rather than setting up each individually. Also for owners of multiple rental properties, similar functionality but not restricted to the same home network would provide way simpler setup each time they acquire a new property (e.g. if I purchase a property several hours from where I live, I don’t have to travel there in person and install the lock myself with my own fingerprint, instead I can have someone install for me and just connect it to my account, and have it pull my data from a device I already own elsewhere; would also be nice to quickly and remotely select who from my management crew has access to the property without having to manually recreate access for each person).

Sounds like @Frank is already looking into this, but it may be tough to accurately transfer fingerprints across devices. Even if it’s just the user codes, that alone would be an improvement, though it feels pretty incomplete if the fingerprint data doesn’t carry across, too.


Even if you copied (or sync) everything except the finger print… at least the users would be set up otherwise (Phase 1). They can add their finger print later. Then maybe add fingerprint sync (Phase 2)