Lock Group to share users across smart locks in an account

I’d love to see a concept like a lock group which could share users across multiple locks within an account.

Yes, please! I have two locks and plan to install a third. It’s a pain to have to set up each user multiple times, confirming that codes and schedules are consistent across each lock. It would be great if you could set up user profiles and lock profiles, then assign users to locks that are relevant to them.


Yes, this is a great feature requst and one I would really like. When we set up a new user on a lock, it’s frustrating to repeat the process for all the entryways in our house where we’ve deployed a U-Tec Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro. I think that this is particularly inconvenient with this pro lock and it’s fingerprint enrolment. That process, in my experience, takes some time and often needs to be repeated to get a good thumbprint for the user that works regularly. To then have to repeat this over and over is often more then my users are willing to do. So I tend to have users set on whatever lock they came to first. It would be fantastic if I could share and sync user changes across locks that I am “owner” or “admin” of.

Speaking of sharing and syncing changes across locks, I’ve noticed that the U-tec app, in the user management page, has a “Sync Users” button at the bottom of the list. What does this do? Does it just sync users with my account? I initially hoped this button would magically “Sync users” across the locks I had in my account. But alas, that is not the case.


Yes, I have 14 locks at my motel and this would make it easy to add and delete employees.

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Was about to create a thread with the same thoughts and saw this. Sharing users is critical.

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A web portal to manage multiple locks, what do you think.


Frank, a web portal would be awesome. It’d make managing my 14 locks so much easier as I’m daily having to add and remove users. That’d be much easier and faster than using my iPhone.

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Yes, I have 20 locks and need to be able to manage user groups for user.

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I’d prefer to manage a lock group inside the app for a home owner. I could see two unique use cases:

  1. home user with multiple locks
  2. STR or hotel/motel manager with multiple units

The needs of #2 probably could be better suited by a portal. Granting access to house cleaning, managers, maintenance, while potentially tying in to integrations for reservations management for specific locks. There is probably another variant of this where a str manager has properties with both multiple properties and some units within that with multiple locks on those individual properties


This absolutely needs to happen. Having a central place to manage users feels like such a central use case in modern spaces that typically need multiple entrances secured.

Careful with web servers vulnerabilities these days please… stay within the app and send us updates regularly :wink:

Any update on options to manage multiple locks from a single interface? I’m looking at buying 10 if there’s a way to update them all simultaneously. Even if I could do it from my homeseer server.

Yes, I’m a homeowner and just purchased my 2nd lock and am shocked to discover I have to have all my users get programmed in again

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A web portal might be useful for hotels, businesses, etc. But for simple home owners with less than 5 locks it is more practical to use the app.

Yes! It is an absolute pain to have to program Users manually across multiple locks. I understand the potential for needing to give some users access to some locks and not to others. But maybe just a user based lock group instead of individual lock group. I would gladly wipe my current users and set them up one more time, if it meant only having having to set up a user once in the future. Maybe a one time overwrite utility that chooses one lock as the master copy that propagates to the rest of the locks.

I’m still waiting for this as well. I have 5 and it’s a pain to have to add each user and fingerprints and settings manually each time I add or replace a lock. These family members or friends don’t live near and can’t just pop in to add them right away.