Backup or profile sharing between devices


1- Is there a way to backup the profile of an ultralock device?
2- In a home with multiple doors, can multiple locks be configured at once with the same set of users?

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Similar question. I have a location with 4 doors. When I add a user, it would be great if I could just have check boxes to decide which users I was creating access for, rather than having to go to each lock. I can understand why fingerprints MIGHT not work for that (based on where the hash is stored), but it would seem the codes should be somewhat easy to propagate to multiple locks at once.

Yes, that means that the user interface is separated from the lock itself. But I don’t think it would be that hard to implement. Since all you need to do is open a lock and create a new user based on the “new user” profile.

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I wish this forum had a thumbs up feature. I agree with this feature request.

Let us see together what the community members are saying about this. Will keep attention on this.

Yes, absolutely this is a huge need. I’m in the process of setting up 4 locks right now for 20 people and having to duplicate each configuration for each person on each log is a usability nightmare. This was functionality that I assumed would be available as I’d deem it essential.

I can’t schedule time with 20 people to go to each lock and setup their fingerprint on it. I can’t expect them to setup the app for each lock. Part of my job in setting this thing up is keeping it simple for everybody else who uses it, but this process is rife with potential for human error without the ability to share a user list across different locks.

Please add this feature!

Would like to add my vote to this request! Recently added a second lock to the house and was really hoping to be able to move users easily between both of them. As a previous user mentioned, I can understand the difficulty in moving fingerprint info between devices, but other user information and codes should be easier? Look forward to see what others say.

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Agreed, as an admin I would love to be able to backup the config of the locks. It would also make things so much easier to manage if I could add a user to the app and select which resources (locks) they have access to rather than add more than a dozen people to more than three locks - all of whom would have to walk away from billable time to be added, or do it on break. Not to mention my time to coordinate with each of them.

Agree I am in the process of deploying 8 locks at a facility and having to setup the same users manually in all 8 devices is extremely time consuming and is making me have to consider other companies system as this is a major administrative workload. I love these locks but I think this feature needs to be added asap! If it could at least sync the users and there pin between all the locks that would be a help , I understand that finger print s could be a bigger issue but it would be nice if a users profile was synced across all locks on the sam e network

If the app was designed to be able to setup the user on the app and then have it transmit to the lock would do exactly what is being asked for. And it could be done for all users. Then in the user select the locks it has access to and if you uncheck a lock it could send the remove function.