Any way to transfer codes from one lock to another

Does anyone know a method to transfer codes from one lock to anothre ?
e.g. I have a lock in the basement of the house and another one at the main entrance, I don’t want to have to key in codes manually for both doors via the app (call me lazy, but it’s 2022…)

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Now only the UL3-BT 1st gen has the clone user function, we removed this feature from our new products…

But I have marked your feedback on the wishlist, engineers will check and consider adding these features back.

Many of us, I’m sure, have multiple devices. It’s cumbersome to have to set up each user on every device.


Agreed. This is essential functionality.

See: Backup or profile sharing between devices - #4 by Frank

and Feature request: multiple device management

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This would be EXTREMELY helpful for remote property mangers who manage AirB&B type properties. I have 8 of the u bolt wifi pro locks in a multi-family unit (main door, laudry each unit door etc) . It would be nice to have a interface to select a llst of locks that you would like to apply a code and user to click once and done. Alsio a more granular “clock” to allow detailed check in and check out times down to at least the hour level.
If integration with an oitside platform is a reach, perhaps even a website listing all locks in your account, or even enhancing the app would be helpful. I can see that possibly initial design never anticipated multiple lock installs that would need this functionality, but your product is superior to others in other ways.
Adding this ",group management " functionality would be great. Sifely locks actually has what I’m describing in website form, but not in thier app.


Yes! Even just having a lock on the front door and back or garage door is a pain. I recently had to reset a device and because asking everyone back in there takes so long, we just have a single passcode, making it less secure and harder to tell who unlocked when!

This is a much needed feature. I have a STR with 3 locks. Manually changing all three takes time. I concur that it would be great to have a “change all” feature from the app or website.

Or even being able to import a .csv file or similar would be awesome.