Option to have 1 user set up for all or selected locks

Option to have 1 user set up for all or selected locks. It would be very useful to have option to only do one user set up for multiple locks.
Case 1. there is 2 locks. One for the property door and another for apartment door. Every time I have new guest I need to code program 2 locks. I should have an option so same code can apply for multiple locks.
Case 2. I have 6 locks. I need to set up 6 times for the same user like cleaning person. It would be nice to only program 1 time the user code for selected locks

Yes, option to set up same user on multiple locks at once would be very helpful.


Yes I have two locks now, one for the front door and one to the garage. I had to set up same family members 6…. One by one.

Yes I came here seeking this information. I am just now setting up 6 locks at rental properties. They will all have the same code for the cleaner and the maintenance and the admin. I wish there were a way to select these codes and share them out to the locks I wanted to share to. It is annoying and time consuming, plus prone to error, to have to do it manually on each lock, and ESPECIALLY when 4 locks are on the same network.

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I have three U bolt Wi-Fi series locks in my home and I find it would be a wonderful convenience to be able to set the auto lock auto unlock feature for all three of them at the same time without having to go through the setup on each one. It would be nice if you had an option to have all locks or some locks work in tandem when it comes to settings like those. It also would be nice if on the first page of the Android app it reported the lock status of all locks rather than having to open up a page for each lock to see its current status of being locked or unlocked

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I agree, users should be managed independently in the main app. Please add a My Users section to the same area as My Devices and My Address. From within the user profile, you should be able to select one or more locks.