Feature request: multiple device management


I’d like to make a feature request. It would be awesome if users with more than one smart lock could adjust settings as “group policy” instead of only individually. We have 4 Smart Loq devices in our house, but if I want to change the timeout before the door auto locks, for example, I have to manually adjust it for each door individually.

It would be nice to have a way to adjust settings for all devices, or create device groups, and then after settings for only those groups.

Is this something already in the works? Are there other users who might want something like this?

Settings for mutiple devices at once. Haven’t seen this for complicated smart devices. For smart lighting, there will be on and off control for a whole group. Hope to see more ideas for what lock groups can do for you guys.

Yes please. This request is similar to:


I’d suggest that this is essential functionality.

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Sifely.com ,Sifely locks has this exact functionality. Set up a user, check which locks you want the user to have access to, one click and done. Granular level for custom times /length of stay. It however is on the website only and not in app (as of yet) and fingerprint copy is not available. This would be a HUGE benefit for customers who have purchased multiple locks.

This is essential functionality we need for those of use dunking multiple locks. Take way to long to setup new devices as we replace deadlocks. The ability to have a list of users that you can then select which locks they have Access to would really speed up the deployment process !

Got your ideas. We are considering develop a Web portal for multiple lock users as well.