Enter Button needed please!

I manage short term rentals where I use Ultaloqs. I assign each renter a keypad code that is the last 4 digits of their cell#. The problem I’m having is the users do not realize they have to press the Ultraloq button after they enter their code. So I need to send them all specific graphic instructions. I think this would be far more intuitive if instead of the Ultrloq logo on that button it clearly read ENTER.
Here’s what I have to send them:


You would think it was intuitive to press, but the same thing occurred with my Mom’s Kwickset lock and her home health aides. Her old lock had a little key icon to press. That lock broke and we got a new one which looks the same, but has a Kwickset logo on the button. So many of the aides were confused on how to enter the code.
I would say enter or a key/lock icon would help.

The brand name is already shown clearly on the lock itself (just below the numbers 5 and 6).

I agree. I had to send this exact message to everyone…after 5 employees said the same thing…and we explained that they had to press the button to get access.

Yes, it’s confusing with a logo at the bottom and when I tell people to press the button they look around and can’t find it so they push the fingerprint reader. Product testing with first-time users probably would have surfaced this issue quickly.

Logo is already engraved on the lock. Enter or # would be better.

BTW while we’re on the subject of the Logo, as a graphic designer let me say that the lock icon in the place of the C totally doesn’t work at that size. Not readable at all. Just further confuses the issue. I want to know if the manufacturer can offer us a replacement button that we could install. I wonder?

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We will focus on this demand, thank you!


Totally agree. I’ve witnessed people struggling with that exact same issue. The logo on the button has no meaning for users of the lock.

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This could be helpful.

What I have found works is I just tell all my guests:
“Enter your code, then press the big button at the bottom, then wait a few seconds. To lock the door behind you when leaving, just press the big button.”


I tell my guests, I send them the visual instructions I attached above and then I remind them. All to no avail. Unless it’s intuitive at that moment all is lost. People do not listen and they sure don’t read anymore. This is a design flaw pure and simple. Clearly no real world beta testing prior to production.

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Amen, I have to tell people all the time to press enter!

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I totally agree that it should be labeled with something that lets the user know that is the Lock/Unlock button. I have several family members tell me they didn’t realize 1) that they had to press something after entering their code; 2) that the Ultraloq name was a button and that was the button to press to unlock the door; and 3) that they could lock the door by pressing that button.

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Here’s what we send out for our motel via a link. We use the last 4 numbers of their cell as well.

See the Keypad Instructions found here: Dropbox - SleepWoodstock_KeyPadDeadboltInstructins.pdf - Simplify your life

We also let them know how to lock the door when they leave.


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Yes, very close to what I send.

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Just had four guests leave and they all had the same issues. I’m not sure why but it’s instinctive for me to hit the button, even day one, but normies have a hard time. I’m going to put a new label over that button that says Enter.

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This is perfect! Thanks. I may just tell everyone:

  1. ENTER: press Big Bottom Button First - Code - Big Bottom Button Last
  2. LOCK: Close Door - press Big Bottom Button

100% agreed. We have multiple doors and people ran into the same issues. The UltraLoq logo is already on the door knob above the key. There is no need to repeat but has simple common “ENTER” button would be help people.

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Any update on when this may be available to people who have 6-7 deadbolts with the logo?

I would prefer it if the lock unbolted automatically after pressing the final number in the code.