Add Code - asks for password, but already logged in, and nowhere to input it

Adding users, and finerprints - no problem. Adding a code brings up a bubble saying I need to put my password in - even though I’m already logged into the app and adding users and fingerprints. This would be fine, except there is nowhere to input the password. All you can do is dismiss the bubble.

We have received some feedback about the user passcode input. This part may cause some users to be confused. Please don’t worry, we will improve this part with the new version app released.

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@Steinberger I believe that @Gilbert had answered your questions, he will transfer to our product team @Frank as well.

I was trying to set user codes up via the app today for a new lock, and got the same error mentioned by the original poster – app asks for “user password” before inputting a new user code, which isn’t possible to do. What is the timeline on this new version of the app that might fix this, or is there a workaround?