5 min auto-lock? Turn on @ specific time? Stay unlocked when home?

Why is there a 5 minute time limit? Shouldn’t it be whatever I want? Having a get together, people coming and going. I’d like to be able to set the time limit to what I want.

Really should be much more customization

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Just turn auto lock off.

I don’t use AutoLock but at least for the “get together” scenario having the customization approach you suggest isn’t a lot different from just using the app to turn off AL before your party and then back on after your party. You don’t really want it to use the party schedule every day, right?

IMO having extensive customizations is a two-edged sword… the more customizable something is, the more difficult it becomes for the “average” user to set up and the UX gets messy. I’m an old school photographer and using my digital camera is a real pain - the multiple autofocus and exposure modes, many of which are only accessible via a menu, really interfere with the shooting experience. Admittedly, the average number of shots “lost” because of technical errors is much smaller, but still…

Auto lock, it would be nice to turn that off but my locks don’t have that option. What would be really useful would be change the lock mode, that way automation would actually work and I could have the door lock and unlock at the times and for the durations required. Sadly U-Tec have moved on and people with older locks have been left behind.

You can’t turn auto-lock off. Setting values are between 3s and 30m

Oh, we must have different software or lock then as I can easily turn mine off. See photo.

That’s crazy that whatever lock you have can’t have auto-lock disabled. I agree with you that is not acceptable.

I use my lock for AirBnB so I’m happy to have the lock feature, it if it was my personal home I think I would lose my mind. On weekends and evenings when I’m in and out of the house doing yard work and grilling food and whatnot.


Yes. The 5-minute max makes no sense and it makes a common workflow difficult. I have workers coming in and out all the time and 2 locks that I have to change and then remember to reset.

Today I tried to disable auto-lock and it prompted me if I wanted to do that, but then the app hung on that screen. I killed and restarted the app a few times and eventually was able to turn it off.

The problem with the iPhone app is both that it doesn’t support use cases well, and it has bugs.

The latest firmware update I installed now allows for up to 30 minute timeout.

I have the latest firmware 02.26.0020 and the max is 5 min so maybe that’s only the WiFi lock.

Also, about half the time when I toggle the auto-lock feature in the iPhone app, the spinner appears on the screen and hangs. To me, the app is alpha quality.