Auto lock Ubolt Pro

Could we get a longer auto lock time then 5ms or options 5 minutes is the blink of an eye now days please rebuttal

Received your request :heart: Could you please tell me how long you want the auto-lock time delay and why?

Far as getting groceries out of the car or if the family is visiting for example we got a large delivery door that kept locking which caused them to slam the lock 5 minutes is transparent but not crystal it would be a great accommodation my ultra loq lever has passage mode not the same but at least with the front door it can be a more large able customizable cap off

Some feedback on the new app. I downloaded the new v2.0 app and everything worked great except auto unlock, which does not work at all. I even tried the new updated beta but auto unlock will still not work. As soon as I go back to the old app, the auto unlock feature works fine. Hope you can fix this soon!

When I disable, then re-enable the autolock with the “0” and “1” buttons, the lock reverts to a 30 second autolock time. I assume that this is a firmware problem with the lock. Is this fixed in the beta release? I then need to reset the delay in the app, which is accomplished by changing the time which will show the original setting, and then changing it back. (I have not installed the beta yet.)

Thanks for the feedback. We will focus on testing this problem.

Hello, are you saying that you set an auto-lock time, such as 1 minute, and then turning off and turning it back on, the time jumped back to 30 seconds?

That is correct. But I do have the time set to 5 minutes. When I bring up the app after using the zero/one to disable and enable, the app still shows 5 minutes, but the lock apparently thinks that it is set to 30 seconds… I just tried it with the autolock set to 1 minute with a similar result. In order to correct it, I change the autolock time in the app to another time, then back to the original. It evidently updates the hardware whenever it is moved. Firmware= 02.26.0022, and directly connected on Bluetooth.

Yes, this is mainly a firmware issue. If you exit the page, then the app can’t remember the time. I will record this issue and discuss it with R&D. Thanks for the feedback.

Agreed that it is firmware, but the app remembers what it was set to. Interestingly, when you use the app to turn off auto-lock, and then re-enable it with the app, the time setting also reverts to 30, but at least it shows that in the app. I would guess that in the majority of instances, people would want to retain the previous setting of the auto-lock time.

Ok, but what I want to know is, why do you need the app to remember the time you set, do you often have to turn auto lock on and off? Could you please tell me why? Thanks.

Okay, I don’t really need the app to remember the auto-lock time, assuming that it can read it from the hardware, which would make more sense. I was assuming that the app was remembering because it had a different time than the hardware was operating with. (5 min vs 30 sec) . Using the keypad to disable/re-enable auto-lock is generally faster and more convenient, but 30 sec is a bit too short for getting the mail or newspaper or unloading the car.