Increase auto lock time

Your auto lock maximum time of 5 minutes is woefully inadequate. When people who service my property forget to relock my gate I should be able to auto lock it say after 30 minutes. Locking it after 5 minutes locks the gate while they are still on the property making it inconvenient to them. So therefore I cannot use the auto lock function as it is not appropriate for such a short time. You should also have the option to notify the owner if the lock jams or lock is unlocked for certain amount of time. Please add these features that other smart devices such as myQ garage door openers and app has. It has what I just described. Both features.

We need a better way to handle service people in just a residential home. Iā€™m having people come in and out for a few hours often and turning off the auto lock often means I forgot to reenable later.

A simple schedule to unlock at say 0900 and lock at say 1200 would also solve the problem and be very useful.

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I can tell you both notifications exist, and they actually do work. At least on the U-Bolt Pro WiFi models.

What locks do you have?

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Can confirm. I receive both notifications when / if they occur.