Add additional auto lock time choice

When will you add a 60 min time to auto lock? When working in the yard I am in and out frequently. It is a real pain to have to unlock every time. I don’t want to turn off auto lock because I am afraid I will forget to turn it back on. It’s only a few lines in the code. This makes the otherwise super product extremely frustrating.
Also when I am unloading the groceries when returning from the grocery store, I leave the door open because I need to make several trips. When I come in with the last bags, I use my foot to swing the door shut. Only to hear a bang when the locked deadbolt hits the door frame. If I could set the auto lock to 30 min or 60 min, this wouldn’t happen.

You might consider the UBolt pro WiFi model which includes a door sensor. Then the deadbolt won’t lock unless the door is
closed, no matter how long you leave the door open. I believe the auto lock timer will then start at the door close time, so you might not need that to go the whole 60 min you’re looking for now

I really appreciate your suggestion. However, I spent over $300 to get the two door locks I have. If the WIFI were available when I bought the two locks, I would have bought them. I really don’t think I should have to spend another $400+ when all that would be necessary would be a few changes in the code for the existing locks would solve the problem. A firmware update is not a big deal. Thanks again for your suggestion.


I agree. I’m not sure what technical hurdle prevent the auto lock feature from being infinitely variable, but at a minimum some longer delays should be added.

An alternative would be to have the door Auto Unlock whenever I approach with my phone. Currently you have to leave, far enough away that your lock goes into away mode, then when you come back and approach the lock with your phone it will Auto Unlock. When I am working outside, away mode isn’t triggered so that doesn’t happen.


I agree 100%. 5 minutes is too short of a time. They should be able to easily make it adjustable in the software.
I wish they would make a range of 5-90 minutes.
Another thing that would be nice is if my phone was within 50 ft, the door would stay unlocked or when my phone was within this distance it would automatically unlock. I can see this as a problem for some users, so it would have to be an on/off feature.

I also agree that the auto lock time should have more and longer options. Having had both the ubolt and the newer WiFi model, I very much appreciate the door sensor rather than a timer. No matter what time you pick, if you ever leave your door open when doing chores around the house or whatever, the timer will inevitably go off at some point before you close the door.

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