Autolock after 15 minutes or 30 minutes

Currently, the longest duration app allows for Auto-Lock is 5 minutes.
It would be great if auto-lock could be set to longer durations such as 15 minutes or 30 minutes. It should be very easy to implement in the app and would highly benefit some users.

I too this this is important and should be able to set up to an hour and candidly should be able to set on a schedule of when it’s active. The schedule would allow it to not auto lock during the day but after maybe 5pm. It should be an option I can control. Presently I have to use IFTTT to auto set the lock time. I feel this should be inherent in the lock software.

The 5 minute setting now just eats up batteries based on the frequent trips through the door. I basically have to disable auto lock during the day to keep the kids from smashing the door jamb.

I am very appreciative of your advice! But can you tell me why would you need so longer durations, so I can imagine the scenes to be used?

Hi Carrie,

There is multiple use cases. Here are some examples of problematic situations:

  • I keep my door open to unload groceries from my car but the door locks automatically after 5 minutes before I have time to finish unloading my car.
  • My neighbor knock at my door, I open and discuss with him but suddenly the door locks automatically while the door is still open.
  • I walk to my mail box but when I return the doors has locked automatically.

All these awkward situations could be avoided if I could increase the automatic lock timer to 15 minutes or 30 minutes.