Auto Lock timing doesn’t register

After several days of tinkering I’m disabling auto-lock for now. Not matter what time interval I select, the lock auto locks much sooner. This is for the Ultraloq WiFi with the door sensor.

(Latest app and beta version.)

I am having a similar issue. I have the timer set for 5 minutes, but the lock engages after 45 seconds. This option worked on my previous, non-beta version of the lock.


:notebook: Version Details
iOS 1.11.5 version of the beta app
Lock Version 01.21.0023
Bluetooth version V00.04.0050

You are able to set a lower value like 10 seconds and that works. Basically, anything less than 30 seconds works and the lock will auto-lock in the correct amount of time.

However, setting a longer time such as 5 mins in the video will not be honored. You can see that the lock automatically locks after about 35-40 seconds.

Also note that when returning to the auto-lock settings, the slider is not all the way to the right which makes you think you can set it longer than 5 mins, however, 5 mins is the max. So there is an app UI issue here. There also seems to be an issue with setting a longer auto-lock time.

Agree, the UI has issues as mentioned. I cannot slide the time over and it sometimes resets to the left.

The auto-unlock is similar, with the away/back slider. It won’t slide, but automatically jumps back every time. I think it’s trying to indicate my position based on the lock location I set but if that’s the case, it shouldn’t be a slider.

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Tested this a bit tonight. The auto lock time delay works the first time. Then it resets to “Immediately” in the app.

I’ll have to disable this for now but hope you guys fix the auto lock feature.

Same issues. I too am disabling the auto lock function. I have the door sensor installed but it keeps auto locking when the door is open. Won’t register the door status correctly. Have removed and re-paired the door sensor several times without any luck fixing the issues.

I didnt even know mine was faulty until i read this! Both my non-alexa door and the beta door auto lock while in the open position. I didnt even realize that going back to auto locking immediately was something that i changed a couple days ago, yet it still locks immediately.

That door sensor has given me a million problems. Im constantly resetting it because after awhile ot gets confused if my door is open or closed.

We have located a door sensor bug that explains your description, we will do an update in the next couple of weeks.