Quick Poll - Do you use Auto Lock?

Respond “YES” or “NO” to the question: Do you use the Auto Lock feature?

I started out using it, but after a few months my family and I found it less desirable, and at times, kind of bothersome.

In nice weather months, for instance, going in and out constantly, constantly auto-locking quickly became bothersome in two different scenarios.

  1. Having to re-enter the code or re-scan for a fingerprint when making frequent trips outside and back in, especially on weekends in warmer months.

  2. When my supervisor (wife) exits, and INVARIABLY does not close the door all the way behind her…at which point my phone notifies me non-stop until I put down my beer, get off the couch, and goI closed the door fully. Of course, this action forces her to re-enter the code to regain access, even if she’d just stepped out for a few minutes (see #1, above).

Yes, have it set for 5 minutes, which seems to work just fine . Auto-lock is worth the extra security.

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Yes, on all 3 U-Tec at my house.

No on the 3 locks that I have

No, but I would use it if there was a way to set a delay on it. Sometimes if I’m just running to the car to grab something I don’t want it to auto-lock so if there was a way to auto-lock after 5 or 10 minutes I would use it.

Yes, I use it always.

No, on both our locks. My kids are constantly in and out and the younger ones can’t figure out the lock yet, so it’s more of a hassle to use auto lock.

Yes, with 30sec delay. Love the auto lock feature.

Yes, five minute delay

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On our garage, yeah, no on our front door. We hang out on the front porch a lot so it doesn’t make sense.

Yes, on my front door with a one minute delay. Works great!!

Yes and to be honest i did not know you can set it off or for a period of time to then lock. I use my phone to unlock the door dobi dont have to have my keys on me or use the fingerprint scan.

Yes, on all three doors.

Yes I use it on a 5 minute timer as well

No, tried it for one day and didn’t like having to stop and re-enter code often.

Yes I use auto lock, but I could see why someone wouldn’t like it.

YES I use it on my front door but its utility is greatly diminished by the lock not knowing if the door is closed or not. Auto-locking while the door is open is useless at best, very irritating at worst. I’d add an open/close sensor if the option existed.

Yes. I have auto Iock set to 5 minutes.

No. Kids are always going in and out.

Yes, I am using instant lock