Open API Poll for Smart Lock

Hi guys, i have heard of a few voices about Open API feature request. Wondering whether this would fit your situation or not?

  • Do not need this feature for me
  • It is a great feature, even not for me
  • I need this one
  • Do not understand the meaning.
  • Not for sure

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Can you clarify what you mean by Open API? Are you referring to an API that is published publicly under an open usage license? An API that gives programmatic hooks into lock and sensor functions similar to what would be exposed through something like Z-Wave (or Zigbee?) Implemented through something like REST? Something that other entities (customers, third-party applications, open-source projects, etc.) could use to expand and integrate the capabilities of U-tec products?

Yeah, published publicly, for WiFi lock mainly.


That would be great! And I understand that this would mostly be a feature of the WiFi interface. I would hope that it would apply to a Wi-Fi bridge-based device as well. Also, I would abandon my Z-Wave API to Home Assistant if the Open API allowed a “local” connection straight from the lock to my on-premises instance of Home Assistant. I strongly prefer not to need internet access to use the Open API within my home.


I use Node-RED for my home automation and I’d love an open API. Would love a REST API. Would be great to compatible with bridged locks as well.


An open API would be great! I’ve built an integration through IFTTT and webhooks but that is NOT secure and has a 10+ second latency. Ideally the open api for wifi locks supports JWT token based authentication giving that these locks control the security of our homes.

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This is the killing feature! Ultraloq will dominate the market with this.

For STR, automation is very important. Creating temp user and assigning a code via API would be great help.

Ultraloq App is able to do all of those via its internal APIs, would love to see this to be publicly and officially available.


I would prefer API to use for further data analysis. We can use it for office, resort and hotel access control and reporting purposes.

Please give us more insight on this one, thanks guys

Yes, I think having a well-documented public OpenAPI standard REST API would allow you to grow your ecosystem. This would allow tech partners to easily integrate with your locks. This will allow for more appealing use cases across vendors. (Think integrating doorbells or cameras with locks)
For the smart home enthusiast, like many who have already posted. We love to have complete control (preferably local network not reaching back out to the cloud) of our smart devices to achieve any use case. Aka I can use my facial recognition or presence detection to Auto Unlock the door. Or trigger my home alarm when the door is unlocked. When the lock is unlocked turn on the lights inside, etc.
I am more than happy to help review the APIs and even test them out as designing, ensuring they are standardized, and pass validation is part of my day job. Let’s just say I love APIs!


I would love this type of feature too. Being able to write a custom integration to control locks would be fantastic.


Unfortunately, I’m more of a user than a developer and so I can’t elaborate too much. My best suggestion would be to review or even reach out to communities that would use an Open API to better understand how they would use them and what features they need in order to create tight integrations. For my own ecosystem needs, I would recommend reaching out to the Home Assistant community. I am certain that if you created a thread, gave a link and overview of your product, and then declared yourself as the product developer looking for guidance and insight, you would have a flood of well-meaning developers excited to help make actionable API recommendations.


I’d love to see an API be created. Hopefully, it could enable mass creation of temporary one-time codes. That would be a big help for my business.

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For sure! I own 4 Airbnb’s all using Ultraloq locks, and it would be great to be able to add and delete PIN codes for guests in an automated fashion. My booking system already has an API which I have used to script various automated tasks before a guest checks in and after they check out, so for me, it wouldn’t take much to integrate with Ultraloq if an API was made available.


An open API for local control via Wi-Fi would allow HA software providers to recommend and specify the UltraLoq to their customer base. We develop home automation software and sell to end users, dealers, hospitals, and the VA. Having to rely on a Z-Wave lock introduces additional requirements when the lock is located to far from the controller and it’s the only Z-Wave device in the installation.

BTW - I don’t think that most commenters in this thread understand that they need to vote not only in the poll, but to also use the Vote button at the top of the page if you believe this is an important topic.


the amount of votes would think we would hear some more public feedback from the company about any progress on this matter but radio silence

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I have 4 U-Bolt Pro installed and desperately need either 1) An open API (REST would be fine) or 2) a Home Assistant integration. If you do any kind of standard open API, the Home Assistant community will do an open source integration. There are over a million active Home Assistant users and the community has created over a thousand integrations for every kind of device imaginable.

I love your products but after installing them I was stunned to learn there is no open API or Home Assistant integration. I have several more properties to install locks into but am now looking at August, your competitor because your product is simply incomplete with no way for our vendor to integrate them into our Home Assistant installs.

Please fix this as a top priority!

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Why the silence on this vital capability? It’s urgently needed. Your competitors already have it and you are losing significant sales because of it.

Please add an open LOCAL API for Wifi installations as soon as possible.

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their now too busy releasing lights and what else rather then improve their origional core product, couple more months and ill be going to competitor, a timeline , a hope anything would be nice that its happening but radio silence

Any update on a local api.

Would be interesting in getting the Latch 5 Series but without a local API I won’t.

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