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Would love if you could expand the colors of the indoor part of the deadbolt aside from just black. Even adding white would make me more likely to add this lock to other doors. However right now we use it only on the doorway to the garage because black is too industrial looking. It won’t look nice in my foyer or on my patio doors. It’s the only thing keeping me from buying two more.

The geofence range for auto unlock needs to be able to be set much smaller than 300m. It would be nice to have smaller ranges like 100m or even 50m

MDU Super Administration capability for UL3 or any U-Tec lock…

Would like to recommend a feature to allow a property to have Super Administration access for establishing a private code that is used only for HOA & Fire Dept. Our jurisdiction requires emergency access to a unit in the event of an emergency. If we applied the same code in the lock for say HOA, then every user would effectively have access to every other unit in the software’s current form. Right now, we are setting individual codes for each unit, which is difficult to track/change and not accepted by the Fire Dept. The Fire Dept would love to issue an unlock code and all doors unlock, but would accept having a private secure code. Same for the HOA. We need access in the event of water leaks, contractor access, or escorting 1st responders (Police, Fire, Ambulance, etc…). Individual owners code opt-in via your software to allow an HOA app or different door view within existing app for an authorized number of users. As people rotate off the HOA and new members come on, then the codes can be rotated as well. If we could see this app work across all U-Tec models, then we could also move to replace all locks with U-Tec. We have approximately 16x UL3 locks in our 30 unit building.

I would really like a brass finish lock!

If it’s possible, on wifi models , could use the wifi network to auto-unlock the door when the phone gets onto the same network as the lock AND the phone is within the geofence. Use geofence to tell the app to start looking for the wifi network and the when it gets onto the same network, unlock the door.

It would also be nice to have the option to disable auto-lock when you’re within the geofence or on the same wifi network. The idea here being if you have a house and are sitting outside, it would keep you (and your guests if you have some over) from needing to unlock the door when it gets shut.

It would be great if you could leave the green light and maybe flash the red when locked every 15 seconds or so, still not using much battery power.

Please release a z wave version of the Latch 5.