Schedule/Enable/Disable autolock for UL3BT2

Request 1: being able to disable autolock from app for UL3BT2 (right now, we can only set a time delay up to 5minutes)
Request2: being able to schedule enable/disable of autolock for UL3BT2

During the day, we want to have the convenience of going in & out without having to unlock everytime.
Then we want to re-engage autolock at night, and disable in the morning

Company sucks. 0 Customer service.

to schedule enable/disable of autolock for UL3BT2

I ask the same thing as you

I have called and spoke to customer service about adding this feature.

Being able to set a schedule for the Autolock function would be Amazing.

I use one of these locks on an apartment complex common area door. It would be great if I could leave the door unlocked during the day for tenant deliveries then have the autolock funtion turn on in the evening.