Scheduling lock times

It would be great to be able schedule lock or unlock times. I don’t use the autolock feature but would like my door to lock every night at 9pm. Currently I am using IFTTT to accomplish this, but a in app solution would be much cleaner and simpiler.


Appreciated for the sharing, clancy. “auto lock the door at a specific time” would be a considerable feature, especially for night time.


Samsung Smartthings app allows me to schedule lock times.

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This is another reason to integrate with Apple’s Homekit. I use this feature for other devices. Every night at a certain time several devices utilize this feature.

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Welcome Rowell, Homekit is under progress. There will be annoucement here when the Beta version is comming.


We too bought this lock specifically to have scheduled lock/ unlock times for customer access at our business. Alexa locks for us on schedule, but did not realize it will not unlock on a schedule. So we useIFTTT to unlock. Would be great if it was just handled by the lock.


Auto lock and unlock is actually the only feature I need for our business application. Getting the commercial grade hard wired solution is ~$2000 a door. Would love to be able to have the same solution in a box for cheaper and replace batteries as needed. Would also need to remove or conceal better the factory reset, so anyone with a paper clip couldn’t come in during business hours and reset it. Mostly its removing software features, maybe beefing up the lock hardware a bit…

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Could you please tell me your needs and application scenarios in detail so that i can understand better?

Thanks for your reply Carrie. I manage apartment buildings. In several locations we have vestibules with intercoms that are open 24/7, and the primary security locks are on inner doors. However we have had issues with mail being stolen out of mailboxes in these vestibules, and also people using it for shelter to take drugs and sometimes even relieve themselves. This type of activity mainly happens overnight after most people who would need access to the intercom (ie guests, delivery people) are no longer visiting. So we are looking for an automatic timed lock to kick in on our outer vestibule doors after 9pm or 10pm once regular daily traffic (and this need for the intercom) subsides. Residents could still enter with their key, but people without keys would be auto locked out of the vestibule.
Your locks seem like they could cover this function for us and probably many other businesses / apartment buildings, if they could automatically start locking after a certain time threshold. The hardwired versions of these devices are around $2000 a door. These come with power transformers and battery backups. But your devices already are on batteries, and from what I read they give plenty of warning that they need to be changed. Also for us if the worst happened and the battery died, then it wouldn’t lock after 9pm, then our vestibule would remain open just as it is now. Seems like a big market opportunity

I support this request because I’m currently using Google Automation with Routines and it is not stable enough to trust it. I’m trying to lock/unlock at specific times and I think it would be more reliyable within the app and a custom scheduler.
I’m using TP-Link devices and they offer this feature. It works great although, it’s not 100% but who cares, they are lights and what not… a door lock cannot be unreliable and must be trusted at all times.
Looking forward for this feature request! I love Ultraloq products nonetheless… The fingerprinting is very flimsy and doesn’t work at all times for me. It seems to work for my children with smaller and much less damaged fingers :slight_smile:

When is the update coming. I wanted three locks and waiting for homekit or thread integration. If integration not coming soon planning to buy encode schalge plus

This would be a really nice feature. I use this on a basement entrance door. There are times where I am working on projects or using the door frequently, so I don’t want it to auto lock after 5 minutes. But I do want to make sure the door locks by the end of the day when I go to bed.

I’ve hard reset but still can’t add a temp user/schedule…once all details entered (I use the code option only) I hit done but am not seeing what should be “success” . Given my hard reset and removal of app and reloading it has to be a hardware issue but would appreciate any advice. Also when I reopen user all the times for my chosen schedule are missing. Being able to leave certain people enter
At certain times on certain days was why I purchased the lock :rage:

Schedule for locking and unlocking based on time and day of week sure would be a handy feature.

Smartthings will unlock my locks but will not lock them. I wanted to use it for scheduling because their app is amazing at it. Wish it worked for locking.

Looks like this feature is still not available. I have a smart lock at my porch and I want my delivery & packages to be placed inside the foyer because of porch theft. Unfortunately, I cant provide e-key to all delivery services since not every service provider has the option to set permanent instructions. I want to schedule the door to unlock at specific time. i do not want to publish the ekey at the lock obviously. Any idea when this option will be considered? IFTTT requires payment to set conditional triggers. SmartThings and GoogleAssistant will only lock for automation. Hope U-tec would consider this soon.