Scheduling lock times

It would be great to be able schedule lock or unlock times. I don’t use the autolock feature but would like my door to lock every night at 9pm. Currently I am using IFTTT to accomplish this, but a in app solution would be much cleaner and simpiler.


Appreciated for the sharing, clancy. “auto lock the door at a specific time” would be a considerable feature, especially for night time.


Samsung Smartthings app allows me to schedule lock times.

This is another reason to integrate with Apple’s Homekit. I use this feature for other devices. Every night at a certain time several devices utilize this feature.

Welcome Rowell, Homekit is under progress. There will be annoucement here when the Beta version is comming.

We too bought this lock specifically to have scheduled lock/ unlock times for customer access at our business. Alexa locks for us on schedule, but did not realize it will not unlock on a schedule. So we useIFTTT to unlock. Would be great if it was just handled by the lock.

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