Timed actions for lock/unlock

I didn’t see anything like this in the app, if it exists please point me in the right direction. My smart garage has an option where if the garage is open after a certain time, it will automatically close it for me which is a great feature and prevents me from accidentally leaving it open overnight (I set it for 9PM). Would be great if my door locks had the same feature, if my front door is unlocked at 9pm, it would automatically lock itself to prevent leaving it unlocked all night or something.

I have requested this as well. Maybe in the next update perhaps?

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With my Pro there is a auto lock option. Within that option I can make it auto lock from 10 seconds to 5 minutes. I love this option and is a huge reason I have these locks. I didn’t want to rely on my kids doing the right thing and locking the door when they leave or come home.

I have the feature to lock it a set time after unlocking, which is what I think you are referencing. What I am looking for is something like a set event every day, if the door is unlocked and 9pm rolls around that it would automatically lock it.

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I think the request is for something like if it is open after 9 pm, not just if it is open for X minutes. That is a real difference. That is why I got the Z-Wave version. With that I was able to connect the lock to my Hubitat hub. With Hubitat I can easily make up a rule that says if the door is unlocked and it is past X hour to lock it. I made a “good night” rule that besides turning most of the lights and tv off, and turns on the hallway to my bedroom at a low level, it also locks my front (and only) door.

I don’t know how old your lock is, or if the module can be added, but with it you can do all that kind of stuff easily.

I run an Alexa routine to lock all my doors at 9pm. Works great for us.

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Would you care to go over what steps it takes to let Alexa look my door at a set time each night? I have tried to set Alexa up but so far not having any luck. It would be great to be able to have the door lock every nite automatically>

Would you use auto lock for the same purpose?