Temporary keep unlocked option

It would be nice to have a temporary keep unlocked option. I.e. in the summer we’re normally around the house and it’s nice to be able to come and go without having to unlock the door every 5 minutes (the longest time for the auto-lock) but I don’t want to disable the auto-lock permanently because I’ll forget to turn it back on.
Some thoughts:

  • Ability to only have auto-lock enabled between certain time ranges?
  • Increase the time before auto-lock (5 minutes is currently the max)
  • A unique unlock code which over-rides the auto-lock feature and keeps the lock unlocked until manually locked?

We have noticed a few feedbacks for auto lock feature , this will be under consideration in the update plans. Very appreciated for this detailed sharing.


I have the EXACT same issue, need, request. I would think having longer intervals should be easier.

In addition, I am using some ubolt wifi versions, and when I put the door close sensor on it overrirdes even my 5 minute setting and just locks the door everytime it closes. I seems you should have the time sensor override the door sensor (since you can always set it to zero, or 1 second or something similar). I don’t want to take off, or unpair, the sensor, since I still want it to tell me when someone fails to close the door entirely.


It seems to me that it would be useful to make that something that Alexa or Google Assistant could do. “Alexa, ask U-Bolt to disable auto-lock for four hours.” or something like that.


When will this be available? Might be returning our UL1 this sucks!

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I would agree that this is quite valuable. If I could have our lock auto-lock only from sun-down to sun-up (or something like that,) it would better fit our habit of keeping the door unlocked during the day when we’re going in and out all the time, and keeping it locked at night when we’re usually inside and if the door is unlocked, it’s an error.


Advanced scheduling for lock/unlock would be handy. I’m the short term, I’d really appreciate a fail-safe lock option. In other words Autolock Door at 11pm every night so if we forget we are in Passage mode during the day we are safe at night.


Assuming you have an Echo or Google device, just set a reminder to re-engage auto-lock. Or put a Post-It on the inside of your door.

Yes this is a huge issue. Door sensor should not have "priority " over delay lock time. Timee should start when door is closed and not immediately lock

Yes!! Manual override button to keep door unlocked until manually locked again.

@Frank hook us up please!!! this should be a major priority for software update

We keep one door unlocked during the day and use IFTTT to automatically lock it at a certain time in the evening and to unlock it in the morning. Works like a charm.

I love this idea… perhaps integrating with a door sensor or smart home routine.
That said, one COULD essentially do the same thing turning off auto-lock from the app and initiate a door lock via a smart home routine. Door is closed for X time… lock it.

I would really appreciate it if a designated user code could put the lock into passage mode. It would also be useful in the app if there could be an “unlock in passage mode” button. Currently the user has to go into settings and change the mode from Normal to Passage.

Someday, I hope to integrate my Ultraloqs with my home automation system. When I set my alarm, all locks will be set to Normal (non passage mode) and locked.

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Maybe include “passage mode” / “normal operation” / “locked out” from the advanced options for handles in the big unlock screen (as well as logging when someone changes the mode) in the app. For the deadbolt, you could use the same space for auto lock disable and a time frame.

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Another reason this would be helpful: when I have repair people at the house coming in and out while they work, I have to manually turn off the auto-lock and then remember to turn it back on later.

I have a UL1 with AutoBolt on the door to my balcony. However when guests go on the balcony they are locked out by the UL1 unless we put the lock in passage mode. Ideally there should be a way for guests to put the the door in passage mode from the inside. I was imagining a smart switch to do this, but it would need to access an API.

Is there an API to control Passage mode? Simply controlling lock/unlock is not enough. Also, I just received the lock, if I put it in passage mode and then lock the door from Google Home, will it put the lock back in Normal mode?

The last issue that is odd to me is that I can lock the AutoBolt from Google Home, but not from the U-tec app!?

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I have a u-bolt pro with wifi bridge, and also find it really annoying to go into the app to disable the auto lock feature, at the time if i constantly working around the house and going in and out. This creates a also a problem just to later remmeber to re-enable it later.
What i end up doing is a hack of removing one battery from the case to temporarily disable a lock in the unlocked position.
This leads me to idea of if developers could just add a internal push to disable button that if pushed would temporarily disable the autolocking until either the lock is locked from inside manually or from outside by pushing the lock button or from software.
This will extend battery life and will enable to do some around house work and not having to do extra step to put battery back in the lock.
Essentially it will be a push to start button, as others suggested to enable passage mode that will be disabled automatically once locked it locked manually or by a outside button press.

This is the most annoying feature of the unit IMHO. After reading many of the complaints above I believe I am in the same boat so to say. Having the timed lock feature with a 1 or even 2 hour delay would solve issues for a vast majority. Going outside in the summer to wander the yard a bit while leaving the door open only to return to a deployed dead bolt is getting old. Tired of the jammed lock and needing to straighten the dead bolt with a few soft blows of a hammer after closing the door with a deployed dead bolt!!

Personally I would use a 2 hour delay. This would ensure the lock does not deploy after a walk around of the yard or require one to unlock after being away for 5 minutes. There are 2 reasons this lock was chosen, autolock and remote capabilities. The autolock was important to us so we do not have to check the door before going to bed however it has become more of a nuisance than anything else due to the unacceptable short delay offered in my case.

I do realize you offer a door closed detection option on a higher end model however being my door is steel it will not work. You definitely need to come up with something better there since all doors are pretty much steel today rendering this costlier option inoperable.