Ultraloq Auto Lock Only Works If Door is Briefly Opened

My auto lock will immediately engage if I open the door, step outside, and close the door. However, if I leave the door open for a while (and receive a message from the lock indicating that the door’s been open) and THEN close it, no auto lock. Is this the correct operation??

I’m not sure of the type of lock you have but the one I have is set to lock automatically after 5 minutes. I chose this because my son never locks the door! It’s a toggle switch to turn on or off and settings. So sometimes I don’t like it to auto lock and I just toggle that setting off.

Thanks for the reply! I’ve got that feature enabled via settings - but it’s set to lock immediately. It appears to work as long as the door isn’t kept open for a long time - if it is, when I close the door, it doesn’t auto-lock.

You know after I sent this I had an idea for you.
I know if you have any smart devices in your home, we have Google home and Alexa. I know that Alexa works with UTech devices. So when we need to unlock the garage I just ask Alexa to do it.
Those new echoes are pretty inexpensive and that would definitely solve your problem

Hi Kevin,

We are so sorry for the inconvenience caused for you. This is not what we want our customers to experience.

A ticket has been created for this issue and our colleague will reply to you in detail. Please check your e-mail later.

Thanks for your understanding.

Thanks - interesting idea! For the moment, the lock has started operating correctly, so I’ll see how long this lasts :slight_smile: