Delay Auto-Lock If Door is Open

I love my lock but we have a child in the house and she’ll open the door, futz around, then slam the door right after the lock has popped back out. Maybe this exists and I just have the wrong model?

They do sell a model that has a sensor attached to the door that will only lock when the door is closed. It will also notify you if the door was left open.

I do not have that model but was able to implement a workaround using Alexa. Basically, I use my contact sensor on the door to trigger a lock command when the door is closed. This way it doesn’t lock when the door is open. There is about a 10-30 second delay from the time the door shuts to when the door locks.


The model I have has an auto lock feature you can set it to auto lock up to 5 mins

Mine locks automatically, but it can’t tell if the door is open or shut. I have it set for five minutes so we can get the groceries. Thank you though!

@Negron Can you recommend a sensor for me? I have Echo speakers and do fairly well getting Alexa to help me out around the house. The lock is pretty darn close to perfect. I’m just missing the open/shut sensor! :slight_smile:

That is true!! Mine came with a sensor… which I haven’t installed. I will install it and then report on it.

so what I personally have set up is using Konnected to make all my traditional home security contact/motion/glass break sensors smart home capable.

u-tec offers the sensors that work directly with the smart lock, here is one of the models, you can see the details on this page: Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro WiFi Smart Lock – U-tec

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@Negron Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

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