Lock Modes (passage, normal, lockout) as part of the "Lock" screen for handles

Similar to the “timer for auto lock” feature request for deadbolts (Temporary keep unlocked option) - but for handles. Right now the Operating Mode for the lock is only available in the advanced features of the app and isn’t logged to the user log for the lock. I would like to see the Operating Mode put onto the lock screen so that it could be edited without going into advanced features and have it logged into the user log for who set what mode and when.

Use case - the lock is on the door to a business. Each day employees have to use the app to set the lock mode on open and close. Would like a log to show that it was done appropriately or to know who forgot to set it. Putting it on the front lock screen would also make it easier to use and verify. Also useful for homeowners who want to leave a door unlocked during the day but lock it at night.

The ability to schedule the locks mode (maybe with a requirement that the first time it unlocks during the schedule requires a person to interact with the lock). Example utilization is set it to “passage mode” from 6am to 7pm but if the first person doesn’t get to the lock until 6:10am, the lock would remain locked until the person unlocked it.