Schedule passage/normal mode?

Is it possible to switch lock operating mode (normal/passage) automatically (scheduled).

I want lock to be passage mode during daytime (8am-8pm, so that people can deliver the goods during business hours) and automatically switch to normal operating mode with code to unlock during night time (8pm-8am).



I’ve been trying to figure out this same thing! I hope it’s possible. Does anyone know?

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Unfortunately, passage mode as of now doesn’t have a scheduler for on/off operation. I’ll follow up on this to see if it’s in the works. Thank you.



@WilliamChong what did you find out?

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Crickets…. U-Tec has been promising this ability for years.

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I also would like to be able to schedule passage/normal lock mode. Another way would be if smartthings could set the lock mode

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I dont understand why this isn’t available in the App or with IFTTT integration. Being able to schedule a door to open or lock is pointless if it doesn’t stay that way. I have no idea why someone thought that was a good feature.

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Is there anyone from U-Tec even monitoring these threads? This is one of the most significant use cases.

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This feature would also be very important for my organization… We are debating looking into other providers if the doesn’t come to Utec soon.

This is my number one annoying missing feature. I came to a Latch 5 with experience on a U-bolt Pro. I fully expected to be able to set the door to lock after a certain number of minutes. I can live without that, but it’s driving me crazy that I can’t set up a routine on Alexa or Google Home to lock the door at a certain time or switch the mode from passage to normal. All I want is convenience during the day and security at night. That shouldn’t be too much to ask for a smart lock.

Not sure if this work around would help a bit…it’s not ultimate solution but just a dumb workaround if really needed. I realized there’s a temp user account can be created, this temp user can only have access due to a scheduled time. Set a password for this temp user, so this password would only give access during that time. For example temp user can only access between 8am - 8pm from Monday to Friday between April 1st, 2024 to May 1st, 2024.

Can’t seem to find other kind of work around yet :frowning: