Allow for quicker access to change lock modes from Normal to Passage

We would like to be able to access the lock mode setting quickly. It was faster to do it in the old, app, which was still not great. It was still a little more buried than we would like. We would like to be able to switch from Normal to Passage with as few clicks as possible. We have several doors that we leave in Passage mode for the day and then switch to Normal when we go home. It would be nice to make this easier for us.

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Thanks for the feedback, can you tell me why you need to switch to “Passage mode” when you leave? And how often do you need to switch between the two modes?

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We’re using these locks at a business. We have about 7 locks. We set 2 or 3 of them to passage during business hours and then back to normal after business hours. We’re making this change twice per day; once to set to passage in the morning and then back to normal in the evening.

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Received, I believe this is a very valuable user scenario, and we will take it into account in the follow-up product optimization~

Thank you.
It would be nice if we were able to change modes at the very top level. Have a button for each mode exposed on the dashboard.

It would also be nice to know what mode or status is currently set on each door without having to go look for it.

Right now we open the dashboard; we can’t tell what door is locked and which one is unlocked. We have to click deeper to find out. When you have a lot of locks, it takes a while to go through and make sure that all locks are locked at the end of the day. It would be nice to know with colors or symbols or both which doors are locked and unlocked and or passage right when we open the app.

Thanks for consideration.

Eugene D.

This requirement has been noted.

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This feature to see the position of each lock on the dash will be very helpful. My garage door app (3 openers on myq app) has this feature where i can see the status of each garage door on the home page.

Are you saying you want to see the status of all doors on the home page? We think this request is valuable and appreciate your feedback.

Yes. That would be great feature. We would not have to open settings for each door to check the position.

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Prasad Nunna

Yes; see the simple graphic attached. It would be great to see color coded icons, representing the different status modes. Then single click on the icon to activate that status. We want to know which doors are unlocked and locked, but also want to be able to change status/mode without going deep into the menu.
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