Auto unlock doesn't work after update, poor support

So far my experience with this has been terrible. The v1 app took a bit for it to get it to work with the auto unlock. Then the v2 update came out and now it doesn’t work at all. I uninstalled the app, cleared the cache, deleted all the data, deleted the device reinstalled everything from scratch. Made sure the power settings were set to full use, made sure background data was turned on. Made sure precise location was enabled and Bluetooth is always on. This app version has major issues! Firmware is updated and current.

Bring back the v1 app or fix the new version or refund my money.

No one answers the support number and I left a voicemail and opened a ticket with no contact or help.


Auto unlock does not work anymore for me either since the update.
This needs to be fixed quickly.

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@Hempt We give an update to your ticket 122818. Please check it out when you have a chance.

I don’t have a bridge and it’s not required to work. Fix the app!

Yeah, and I’m pressuring them with my front door lock. Ridiculous.

Auto unlock does not work at all with the new app! Also, sometimes app says the door is open when it is closed. Please fix!

Not surprised to see this many complaints about the exact same issue. Yet not one solution??? The specific reason I bought this lock was so I didn’t have to touch anything!! And like others, I can stand in front of my door for what seems like forever and it will not unlock. If it does it takes entirely too long for my liking. Or it decides to Auto Unlock after I’ve already used to finger print option. Which leads me to another issue? I find that every time I want to use that feature because Auto Unlock isn’t working I must moisten my finger first for it to be read and then unlock!!! What’s that all about? Totally useless and such a hassle trying to troubleshoot something I purchased and expected to have working properly. Please respond to my support email with a solution but another problem or ask me to remove the lock and check wires. That’s not my job that’s the job of the manufacturer. If I want to punch in numbers to unlock my door I’ll find a less expensive option.

Whats even worse is that they offer nothing to resolve the issue, I called one time and was told nobody was having this issue then I call back and talk to someone different and his exact words when I told him that the last person said nobody was having the issue was “Bullshit”. Also apparently they try to accomodate IOS users over android for the price of these locks you think when they had it working they would leave it alone but yhey already got their money so lets screw the consumer

I’m still within the return window through Amazon so if these … People… Don’t get this update pushed out soon I’m just gonna return it.

Hempt do you have IOS or Android?

Android… Must be 20 character response…

They wanted me to get an IOS device and try my lock when they said they havent heard of this issue, I dont own any apple products so thats why I figure they are catering to IOS apparently they already have an app update for them, they sure didnt offer to send me an Iphone to try :rofl::rofl:

Its just amazing they should have known about this issue from the beta testers and they still released it…

… 4 attempts later. Finally got it to work. I’ve spent too long with it today so hopefully it will work on my next trip out.

In the end I had to: remove the device (lock) from the app, delete the app, reset the lock (pin on the bottom), reboot the phone, download the app, install the app, setup the lock, reset the distance to 1000, place the lock on the map 15 ft-ish in front of my front door. Then I had to go into the app permission settings and make sure it activated the precision location, run all the time, allow run in the background, auto run, and all the other damn settings. Then on my 4th attempt it finally worked. . But… It’s auto locking twice!

Just went out for dinner… Came home… didn’t unlock. This is pissing me off.

Correction, it unlocked after 5minutes of me being home and already unlocking it by pinpad.

What the f is going on?? Doesn’t read any fingerprints at all, can’t even properly log into my app, I keep getting this error message.

Yea now its auto unlocks but if we lock it when we walk in and my wife takes her phone to the bathroom then back to the living room it unlocks again, I think they just need to put the old version back untill their wanna be it people get things figured out and dont push updates out when the beta had issues thst wasnt fixed

They don’t respond to my tickets either. Seems typical for them.

Same problem and support only says they will update the firmware…thats been done 3 times and always the same version…then when i say the problem is still there…the form letter reply comes back about how they will replace the lock…this is my second lock since i returned the first…why replace the lock that will have the same problem? Support is just flat out not dealing with all the posted issues…won’t even answer questions…always a canned reply!