Auto lock not working after recent firmware

After recent firmware update (not sure which one but I am now current) - the auto lock no longer works. This is paired to the door sensor (which appears to be working properly) and despite multiple resets/restarts, I can’t get it to lock. App auto lock is activated and I’ve tried toggling.

I changed the batteries after a previous update and the unit died (06/27/2022). At first, the company refused to replace the unit, as it was out of warranty. It took until mid-August when I pointed out dozens of ppl here and on Amazon reviews were having the exact same issue, they then decided to replace my unit. (08/16/2022) , given the issue wide spread. They were having a similar issue - changed batteries and the unit wouldn’t work anymore. Well, to our surprise, the dead unit came back to life 4 days ago, while I was out of the house. It engaged and locked the deadbolt, and locked me out of the house. Thank goodness I had the deadbolt key on my keychain, otherwise, I’d have been in trouble.

After seeing this post from Jorden, I checked my app. I can’t lock/unlock the unit from my phone anymore.

These last few updates weren’t well tested and have caused my family some pretty severe challenges. We use this to let folks in and out throughout the day. Dog walkers, caregivers, etc. Don’t want to give out keys and not everyone is on a regular schedule so providing access remotely is really helpful. We couldn’t do any of that for the past 3 months. It’s been incredibly frustrating. The unit worked fine for years, then all of a sudden in June it’s dead, then last week alive, and now can’t access remote lock/unlock.

What is going on???

Could you please post your Lock Firmware and Bluetooth Firmware versions?

I have recently had issues where the auto lock did not engage even after closing the door firmly.

If you close the door very slowly, auto lock does not engage at first. However, sometimes the system detects that it is in an unlocked state with a closed door, and will proceed to lock the door.

I have also found on several occasions that auto lock engages too eagerly even though the door is wide open, and far away from the door sensor / magnet.