Changed batteries and the lock no longer locks automatically

I received a notification that the batteries were low even though they have been in service just days, I replaced the batteries. Since I did this and the door sensor though paired does not function and the auto lock is not working on immediate or timed.

I show my batteries are strong. But all of a sudden my auto lock is no longer working. I can lock it from the app and manually but it just stopped.

I now have the same issue.

So am I understanding the issue to be that the device will not lock, however the unlock function is still operating? Check the firmware update portion of the software and see if the device has any updates it needs. If not hard reset the unit and make sure the device is back to factory defaults. Then set it back up from scratch. I use rechargeable batteries from Amazon that were 16 bucks for 8 and a charger. I have never had that type of an issue with them or any problems in the remote I have the others in.

If the above doesn’t work:
Batteries are not all created equal, if they are cheaper ones. Being close to or past the expiration date is something to check. Check each individual battery for the charge level on its own. Duracell and Energizer sometimes have a meter on them you push on to see their level. One half dead battery could hose things up and cause bad problems. The fact you replaced them a few days prior to these going in, makes it slightly suspect on the batteries. You may also want to bite the bullet and get the batteries that are the higher end Duracell or Energizer for testing purposes. Make sure they are brand new and not near the expiration. Again this is why I use rechargeable. It’s maybe 5 bucks more and they give a lot more use out of them.

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Finally replying…, it turned out I believe, even though the batteries showed high, they all of a sudden went low. I replaced them and it started working. The other thing I noticed, there is lag time on the notifications of battery level. Because when I put the new ones in, procell by Duracell, it took almost 24 hours to register that the batteries were now good. Lesson learned. Thank you for your feedback!!

The last comment " even though the batteries showed high, they all of a sudden went low" seems like it might be related to an issue I’m having. I’ve contacted support but so far, haven’t seen a reply. My unit indicates my battery level is “high” even after they were in over a year and finally so weak it couldn’t function. I pulled them out and verified they were very weak, but the app still indicates “high” if I put them back in the unit. Something isn’t right. I wonder if this is a common issue ?