Assigning lock to new address

How can I switch an existing lock to a different address? I see how to change “location” but not the address.

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It does not support this feature so far. Please delete the lock and re-add it to another address again.

This is not a great answer as if the existing lock is remotely located and worked in previous version now if you delete it you will not be able to add it unless you drive/fly/ walk or swim 10k to 4000k to that location. As you have to be physically within Bluetooth distance to add the lock.
I understand the need for the progress but the new features are really raw and not all use case scenarios were implemented if not even acounted for.
:triumph: In the new V2 user is stack with default location and not able to delete it. No way to assign a other location as new default. This is bad, was anybody running the V2 through proper software QC testing at all?


Great question because I see that once I labeled the lock kitchen the default remains and kitchen is set up. So I have default and kitchen as the location but they have the same information.

I find adding the ability to group locks under an address but not providing the ability to change the address of an existing lock a very poor choice. That makes it a partial feature. I have two houses with multiple locks in each. I just added a new Ultraloq and created a new address using this feature. But there is no way in the app to change the address of an existing lock. And telling me to delete it and re-add it as it entails re-adding all users is absurd. We need a solution. This iteration should never have been released.

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I agree completely. Additionally I have houses in different time zones so this is really unhelpful .

Any update on this issue? Are you going to fix this? Also, When you try to enter a new address it will only allow you to do so by locating it on the map using current location and not manually enter it in the address field. Hard to find it by map when it is hundreds of miles from current location.