V2 user problem

I just installed V2 application and the application though looks more organized but complicates a lot of workflows. Upon migration I ended up with my locks in default location but unable to transfer one lock to a newly created location. There is an option of course to create a new location and add a lock to that location and deleted from the default location but you need to be physically present close to the look which is not possible in my case. It would be nice to have ability to transfer lock from location to location without losing all of the previously done setup users codes and everything else.
Also it would be nice to create a shared users between the locks, so once I create a user, or user is already present I can just assign it to different locks in different locations. Right now all of my locks are in the same location I tried to create a user for one lock but it won’t apply to the other locks in the same location so it seems for every look and look I need to create the same user again and again even for single location that might have multiple locks in it.

Hello, thanks for your feedback. However, you can transfer the locks to different locations as below(on the lock’s settings page).

Besides, we are considering the feature of copying uers,

Hi, thank you for responding,
Sorry I wasn’t quite exact in my post. I wrote location but I really meant to say address.
If I do have properties let’s say 200 to 700km apart and each have a lock after install of V2 I ended up with one default address that has both locks. No way to transfer lock from one address to other without deleting it and creating new lock in new address that it’s actually installed, BUT !!! You have to be at that property to add that lock to it’s address.
Also no way to delete that defalt property address also. Let’s say I created an lock shared access to it with user who has an app installed. That user has empty default address with no locks, and an address that he wants to make default with the shared lock, but he can’t delete that empty placeholder default address and instead make shared lock address default location. Simply to that default address there is no delete option. So he ends up with default empty address that is kinda nonsense

Yes, I understand your needs. Sorry, we might consider the switching address feature, and the shared address would be optimized in the next version.