Please tell us how to find v1 app

If we have to delete our locks from the V1 app in order to connect to our locks in the V2 app, don’t you think that’s information you should tell literally all your customers with existing locks?

It is insanely frustrating how much information we as customers have to piece together to solve issues that U-tec should communicate clearly in the first place.


I’m using the new app. We own 270+ devices. Cannot even see a single device.

This is insane. I don’t understand how the instructions say to remove a device from V1 of the app, when that version of the app isn’t available anymore.

I need to delete my device from version 1 of the app, but the app auto updated to v2. What should we do?

did you guys find v1.0 of the app?

Do not go to V2 it will break everything, The app is horrible