U-tec App V2.0 User Guide

1. When you have downloaded the latest U-tec, first check your App version, the updated version is V2.0.x.x.

2. Check that your own locks are correctly displayed in the “Default Room” list. Shared locks will be shown in the “Shared” address.

Note: After the first upgrade, all your locks will automatically appear in the “Default Room”. To avoid locks not being synchronized, please avoid switching APP versions back and forth.

3. Create new addresses or rooms as needed

a. Add address: Click “Default Address” at the top of the APP home page, then click “Address Management”, and find the “+” button on the upper right of the page.

b. Modify address name/address/time zone: After clicking “Address Management” in step a, find the address you want to modify and click to enter.

c. Add a room: Click the “+” button on the home page, then click “Add Room”.

d. Modify the room name or delete the room: first find the corresponding address according to the room, and then enter “Room Management”.

e. Move the lock to the corresponding room: Click “Device Info” on the lock’s setting page, and then find “Switch Room”.

4. Try to experience and explore various product features.

I see how to move a lock to a different room, but how do you move a lock to a different address? I have a property management company and use these locks on our properties. I set up the different addresses, but all of my locks are showing up under the default address for the original address, and I’m having trouble figuring out how to move each lock to the corresponding address.

Also, I don’t mind all of the locks showing up as a list on the dashboard (as opposed to having to select different addresses to see the different locks). But, is there a way to drag the locks and reorder them on the dashboard? For example, I just added a 2nd lock to one of my properties, but the 2nd lock shows up at the bottom of the list. I have several properties that have multiple locks. So it would be nice if I could reorder the list so that the locks at the same property could be next to each other.

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2 other observations:

  1. I just added a temporary user to 2 different locks (at the same property). Both times even though I typed in their name at the beginning, after it finished adding them, it had their name listed as ‘user’ and I had to go in and edit it to get their name to show up.

  2. It would really helpful to see each user’s code after it’s been added (if you want to ensure you typed it in correctly, or you need to remind yourself what the code was). But if you click on their passcode the field is blank and you have to re-type the code in again.

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App feels smoother and is quicker to connect. Great job there! One item I noticed is that in logging, successful authentication via fingerprint doesn’t show who authenticated…just that one was successful. This is lost functionality as compared to the production channel app.

1.“reorder the list” has already been under development, please pay attention;
2.We will keep an eye on the need for “removing addresses”;
Thank you!

Could you tell me where can’t you find “who anthenticated via fingerprint”?
Thank you!

1.We haven’t find the problem of ‘user not show up’, and we will check on it;
2.Could you tell me how do you usually tell other users their passwords? If you can see what you’re typing, do you need to check it again?

In the Log:

It’s not a matter of knowing what the code is at the time I type it in. It’s later when I need to recall what a code is (maybe the person forgot their code and asked me for it). When I go to look it up there’s no way to see it. And when you click on passcode the field is blank and you have to type it in again. So just a simple ability to click on a user and it show their code so I can quickly retrieve that information would be helpful.


Yes. You have to be able to go back later to check passwords.

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Received, we will test the product again, thank you!

Can you tell me your phone model and OS version so we can troubleshoot the problem? Thank you!

Yes, this is indeed a relatively common scenario, but if the password is displayed, are you worried about the leakage of the password?

iPhone 13 Pro Max running iOS 16.1




Please confirm again, have you set a name for this user?

It should have been “Kelly”

I’m personally not too concerned about a leakage of the password. Maybe have an option to display them or not, that way if someone is worried they can choose not to display them? Or maybe add a level of security to access the passwords…like a pin or touch id or something before you can view them?

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OK, thanks for your suggestion, we’ll take this seriously.

When looking at the locations is has the device number and “0 Group”, how do you create a group. I would love the ability for all the doors in the same group to have shared user access. Create one user which all locks in the group are granted, rather than have to create the temporary user on each lock of the house/group.

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