U-tec App V2.0 (trail version Ⅱ) has been updated

Hello everyone,

We have released the second Beta version of the U-tec App, please click the link in the article to install it.

Compared with the first version, there are the following updates:
1. Fix password display problem
2. iOS slimming down from 160M to 94M
3. Font library and Logo update
4. UI update
5. Solve some bugs and crashes

I am loving the beta! Awesome job on all the updates!

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Thanks for the updated beta.

I’m finding that the admin’s passcode is displayed, but none of the normal or temporary users’ codes are listed. Is that by design still?

Still really adamant about being able to check those users’ access codes.

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If I install the beta, will I lose all the regular app’s data? Not the first beta, I didn’t install that one. But the current live version V1.12.4.

I run a motel and can’t afford to lose the current data with codes etc.

Just installed the apk version 2 xx I like it.dark background is easier to read. Saved all previous date and settings.

So I loaded the new app doesn’t work for me.

Could you tell me what does not work?

Yes, it is designed like this for better security. But we will continue to observe customer demands.

I get them added and click on one and I get registration error. When I click on it it says contact you.

Thank you,
roB Meyer

I was going to say the same thing. I like to set up passcodes for my AirBnb guests ahead of time, so I need to remind myself of the code when I send them the check in instructions. So I liked it better when we’re able to see the code for all user types, instead of always creating new ones. Please bring that feature back! Along with the red/green colour for the locked/unlocked state

Sorry, I don’t understand. I need to confirm has this lock been registered in the older version of the app? Can’t you find the lock in the beta app, so you need to re-register?

First of all, in the upcoming version, we will keep the display of the password. Second, we will discuss with the visual designer about the color of lock/unlock. Thanks for the feedback!


Running app version 2.0.3 on iOS. Lots of issues.

  1. I can’t add fingerprints to a brand new lock. Just installed a new Bolt Pro UB01 and added it to the app. It does show up and I could configure the fingerprints for any user (Owner or a created one). When I try, the app tries to let me add one, but the lock doesn’t recognize that it is in “add fingerprint” mode and when I try to touch it, it seems to log an unauthorized user failure. Since it’s a new lock, I can’t tell if this is a problem with the brand new lock or the app.
  2. When adding a device to a location, it seems to remove any other device in that location. I have multiple locks in my garage. If I can’t have more than one in a location, then locations are quite useless.
  3. When adding a device to a location, it disappeared from both the default room and the location. It was no longer visible in the app. This was pretty scary until I discovered issue #1 and found out that adding another device to that location will kick the first one out. Fortunately I still have a lock that died listed in the app, so I moved it to that location and my working locks are all visible again in the Default Location.

I agree that being able to see passcodes for all users is beneficial. I was trying to look up passcodes to enter them in the new lock I installed for our back door and all I see is *****. Or if you could just sync multiple users to multiple locks.

Hello, this may be a network delay, can you double check if your lock display is normal?

Yes, we are conducting research on the issue of synchronizing users. We did not consider this feature at the beginning because the fingerprint cannot be synchronized to other devices, so the experience is incomplete.
We are also confused, if only passwords and other information (except fingerprints) can be synchronized, is it useful to customers?

Not sure what you mean by the display being normal.

I think having passcodes, users, schedules etc all transfer would be useful. Fingerprints is what most folks are looking for since that requires getting the end user to take an action but for time saving it would still be useful to transfer everything else.

Received your suggestion! We will consider it seriously.Thanks.