How to download U-tec App V2.0 (trial version Ⅱ)

Here are the instructions on how to download the beta version App:

For Android :

Open the link below, then click the download button on the page, after downloading, click the apk file to install it.

For IOS:

Step 1:

Search and install “TestFlight” App in Apple Store;

Step 2:

Once TestFlight is installed successfully, open the following link in your IOS device:

Then, click as instructed to open TestFlight:

Final Step:

Once TestFlight is opened as the above instructed, you will see the Beta version of U-tec App. Accept and download, then install the App.

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It’s asking where to extract the zip file to now. What do I do here? We need step by step instructions more detailed because I’m getting stuck before it’s even installed.

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Update… I had to upload or save the file to my Google drive and then when I clicked on the APK file it asked what to open with, this time giving APK installer as an option. I used that and it installed

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There is a download icon on the right corner of the APK download page, without login you should also be able to download the file.

To ‘try’ this on my iPhone, I would have to replace the real version . That would mean that any problems encountered can’t be remedied by going back to the original, working version. I guess I’ll wait for the full release.

Don’t worry, this version is much better than the old version, and you can re-download the old version in Google Play.

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I have an iPhone. There’s really no going back to previous apps :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:. You can say it’s better but it’s a Beta. There are problems by definition. Should have given it a different name

Agree, these instructions (for Android) are insufficient. Besides not being able to open the APK file (phone keeps asking me what to open it with) it also kept loading the Play Store listing for a completely unrelated app (Booksy Biz). Forget it. Like another user I will wait for an actual release vs. trying to make this sketchy beta work.

If we uninstall the existing app, won’t we lose all of our stored users, codes, photos, and such that we’ve set up? I’d love to try the beta but really don’t want to enter that all over again.

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I would love to assist in the beta but side loading an app isn’t secure enough. Please look into the beta options with the play store.

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I just installed, and it appears to reference the default storage locations and kept my users, logs, and all settings on Android. It also either defaulted to dark or recognized my dark theme setting and applied to the app. Looks great!

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On Android I could not get it to download and install, It is not supported on my phone and my Chromebook could not open as well

@Michael3 thanks for the info. I’d hope it behaves the same on iOS, but I know data management is completely different there. Hopefully someone can chime in how it behaves there as well. Thanks again!

Hello, I have replaced the download link in the article, you can try again: U-tecV2.0.0.6-google024.apk - Google Drive

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Hello, I have replaced the download link in the article, you can try again: U-tecV2.0.0.6-google024.apk - Google Drive

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This is completely incorrect. Please don’t spread incorrect information. If someone wants to remove the beta, all they have to do is remove the app from Test Flight, and then they can go back to the current release version on the AppStore. I do it all the time with multiple apps because I do a lot of beta testing.


@Morrison I just tested this on my iPhone with iOS 16.1. I downloaded the beta, logged in and all my users and finger prints were there. I then removed the app from Test Flight and deleted it off my phone and then downloaded the current release from the App Store. When I logged in, all my users and fingerprints were still there.

Hope this helps!

I’ll believe you gokou but will still wait for the full release

@gokou340 That’s great news. Thanks for sharing that information!

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Perfect! I got it now.

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