New U-Bolt WiFi Lock Testing Guide

Dear Testers,
Welcome aboard, please install and start the testing as soon as you receive the lock.

Installation and Setup
1.Install the lock according to the user manual or online support video. Please use the new batteries included in the package.
2. Set up the lock to Beta version of U-tec App, including WiFi and door sensor setup.

Check your wifi signal strength in the App setting"WiFi“, suggested signal strength should be between 0 to -70dB.If not, you need to move the router closer to the lock or have the wifi signal boostered.
*There maybe a firmware or App update during the test process. We will notify you through email and community.

How to use
1.Navigate through the App to experience the basic function;
2. Set up the lock users, share your lock with others;
3. Set up Smart Notifications in the App setting;
4. Set up the Auto Lock and Auto Unlock according to your personal preference;
5. Set up your lock with the following smart system if have. Including Amazon Alexa,Google Assistant,SmartThings and IFTTT;
6. Unlock with App, user code, fingerprint if have, smart systems everyday at least 3 times for each unlocking method;
7. During the first week, please find at least half a day to test the standalone mode.The setup method is within the user manual.
If there is a software version update, you need to test the lock with the new version.

Feedback How to Do (Report with firmware and App version please)
1.When encountering emergent problems, please contact U-tec customer service through U-tec Website, please report as beta tester to the customer service;
2. Discuss with other testers or U-tec by entering community. Please open discussion topic only in [Beta Program]-[New U-Bolt WiFi-Discussion Group].

3. There will be a detailed survey sent through email about a week later after the test, this will be the main report;

The main testing period is 1-2 weeks. In some occasions within the first month, if special testing task is required, there will be additional notification through the email and community.

For testers who have been active and giving great reactions, you will be given greater priority to enter the next beta test program.

I know that the call for testers went out earlier. Do you need any additional participants?


Should we have received the test locks by now? I haven’t gotten anything.

There will another one soon, will do the recruitment here in community


Shipment will start within these days, i will notify you through email and send you the courier number.

Would be nice. I beta’d the first two lock releases but was not notified for this one.

Hi Frank. Missed the email to sign up for a tester. Is it too late to sigh up? I have one already and am interested in your latest upgrades.

Thank you.

There will another one coming soon, will do the recruitment here in community, hope you can join in.

Just got my email about this. Not sure if it’s the correct spot. Guess we’ll find out. Thanks for the opportunity.

Frank I was selected for a test the end of last year for the Wi-Fi lock. Last email I received in January was you were still waiting on th shipment of them to arrive. What is the status of that test?? Thanks

I hope they do. Would like to see what new products they have.

Hi Everyone!
I was able to follow the instructions for Beta Testing set up etc…
a few issues I had with Lock:

  1. When sending email invite for Smartphone App Access, the person never receives email to accept invite, I have also tried this on my own email and email never came through. It should be instant in my opinion. I can see how that can be frustrating for new users.
  2. Updating Firmware, I must have tried updating over 10 times, closing the app, resetting my phone and update was unable to complete. That again can be frustrating

Hey everyone.
Setup was easy along with configuration of the lock. I ran into an issue upgrading the firmware on the bluetooth, but now that I go back to get version numbers its showing it upgraded to the latest even though it errored at the end and said it couldn’t update. Bluetooth version: V00.04.0050

Just got mine installed, but I can’t seem to get it to pair with my phone. It’s just picking up the one I already had😂

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False alarm. Played with it some and got it to connect by pressing some random buttons to make sure the batteries worked

Yeah it picked up the existing lock really quick but if you let it sync longer it will pop up. Now that the firmware is updated it’s syncing and responding more quickly. Be sure you grab the latest iOS app for updating the firmware.

New app allowed for Bluetooth firmware update. Notifications on iPhone slow, and still unresponsive with Echo and Google.

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Initial report: My install went smoothly. Fingerprints, passcode, firmware upgrade all fine.

The door sensor is great. My door has a tricky molding but it still works well.

My install location has weak wifi. The lock seems to connect regularly, but the weak wifi may explain why the app is often slow to connect to the app. One observation about the app interface: Actions sometimes complete successfully but the app does not confirm.

So far so good for me. Install was very easy, connecting to wifi took a few tries but was accomplished, auto lock worked, setting my fingerprint was very easy. Haven’t tried it with my google home yet, but that’s not a feature I think I’d ever use. Very glad to see the wifi is built in now rather than needing a bridge like my other unit.

Resetting and switching to standalone mode, programming in standalone, and getting back to WiFi mode was smooth.

When I initially installed, I had to enter the WiFi SSID by hand and had to turn off the 5GHz signal on the router to get it to pair. When I re-paired the watch the SSID populated automatically and it paired smoothly with the 5GHz enabled.