Beta U-Bolt Wifi Pro testing in progress

Engage in U-tec new product beta test and be part of our beta group.
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Hi Everyone!
I was able to follow the instructions for Beta Testing set up etc…
a few issues I had with Lock:

When sending email invite for Smartphone App Access, the person never receives email to accept invite, I have also tried this on my own email and email never came through. It should be instant in my opinion. I can see how that can be frustrating for new users.
Updating Firmware, I must have tried updating over 10 times, closing the app, resetting my phone and update was unable to complete. That again can be frustrating

It took about 4 minutes for my invite to be received . Not a long time, but not instant.

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Bad: Bluetooth firmware update not working, notifications stopped over weekend but the started up again yesterday, Alexa integration still not working. App has crashed a few times. App needs to allow you to update picture on Home Screen and change admin’s name.

Good: No bridge needed, thumb reader works faster than previous model.

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Hi, what is the email you used to be invited? Gmail or your personal email?

I would love to beta test this unit compared to the previous model with the bridge (which I currently have).