New U-Bolt WiFi Lock Testing Guide

Same issue here,
My name is James Massaini,

I was selected to be part of you Bata Testing group when it was originally introduced.

I purchase your locks for years now for home and business & have interacted with your quality team in the past.

On 11/16/21 Another Congratulation Email

On 1/13/22 email regarding late shipment of test locks due to Covd 19.

On 5/10/22 email granting access to U-tec portal.

According to the U-tec Community Summary’s the locks have been shipped and we should have receive ship information.

Can you please check to see if there’s an issue with my account set-up or testing status. For I still have not received the test lock

I have performed product testing a large part of my life.

Was looking forward to being a part of your Beta test Group.

Please advise,

James J Massaini

34528 Hawke Dr

Sterling Heights, MI 48310

Well, it was paired to my phone initially. Now I can’t get it to connect over wifi or Bluetooth. Can’t get the firmware updated because it won’t connect at all. Should I factory reset and delete from app and try again? Wondering if maybe it’s in standalone mode, but I’m not sure how to get it out if that mode if it is.

Also, I just got the low battery alert. Have had the lock maybe 2 months? Used the batteries that came with it.

Last thing: I saw an email about a beta version of the app. I followed the instructions, but there was no code to actually get to the beta. Wondering I’d I missed it in the forum somehow, but I didn’t catch it in the email.

Update: I finally got it to connect via Bluetooth and it then connected to my wifi. Can’t get the firmware update to push to it. Stuck on the original 0.00.0050

What is the code to get into the beta version of the app on test flight?

Here is instructions of how to download beta app:

Thank you! Guess I missed that post.