Free Sample, the brand new Ultraloq Bolt Series with HomeKit Beta Test is Coming!

At U-tec Ultraloq, we’re always working to make things better for users. We’re excited to introduce the new Bolt Series, which is an improved version of our U-Bolt WiFi lock.

The Bolt Series has lots of cool new features compared to the older models. It can work with Apple HomeKit and Home Key, the battery life is much better (it lasts twice as long!), the keypad is tougher to keep your password safe, the outside looks sleek and metallic, and the way you use it is easier and more fun.

Here’s a detailed overview of the product:

Here’s the plan for testing the new Bolt locks:

The first type, Bolt Fingerprint, will be tested from the end of August to the end of September. We’re inviting 40 people to join this test, and Ultraloq will pay for the testing locks and the shipping.
The second type, Bolt NFC, will be tested from the end of September to the end of October. We’re also looking for 40 people to test these locks, and Ultraloq will cover the cost of the testing locks and shipping.

:heart:Your Priorities:

-Receive a free beta sample.

-Benefit from one-on-one support by the Ultraloq product team for any issues.

-Your product suggestions are likely to be added to our product improvement plans.

-Outstanding testers will be considered for additional beta testing opportunities.

:heart:Your Responsibilities:

-Install and register the sample within 3 days of receiving it.

-Join our WhatsApp community and actively provide feedback on product issues and suggestions.

-Engage in our weekly survey questionnaires (approximately 3 times).

-Participate in an interview upon the conclusion of the testing phase.

:question:How to Participate:

:point_right:Fill out the registration form here: Ultraloq Bolt Beta Test Product Experiencer Recruitment

:warning:Recruitment Period:
August 18th to August 23rd

Thank you for your participation!

Ultraloq Product Team


The link isnt working

They probably filled their quota. This email went to my spam so I found it just today. Oh well, hope the product does well and they can implement user suggestions!

Just received this email (Aug 22 10:33 PM). Registration opened Aug 18th and is already closed.

Hi Folks,
This is the announcement I’ve been waiting for! Glad to see it. I see the group may be full, but if there’s still space, I’ll add that I develop HomeKit apps for iOS and Mac and I currently have 8 u-tec locks installed so I’d be happy to help test this new product and I may be able to provide some extra data if there are issues with the HomeKit integration.

So did the company scrap the plans to add HomeKit capabilities to the Pro version?

I’m sorry, but adding HomeKit to the Pro version would require a hardware revision. It cannot be achieved through a simple software upgrade.

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Ok, good. Wish you have finished the survey.

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When will the Product Experience testers be announced? I have been eagerly awaiting the news. :blush:

So has the product experience testing begun? Has anyone here that applied been notified that they were “chosen”?


I’m still waiting :crossed_fingers:t3:

Hopefully a dev will soon come up with a Homebridge plugin and enable non HomeKit u-lock devices.

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In the request for homebridge support we were told by @Carrie thag support would be available for all wifi models. We then were told after months of waiting that was a lie and you will only ever have homebridge support if you pay for a brand new lock at full price. Bait and switch marketing.

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Is this going anywhere? We’ve been talking about Homekit support since at least 2021 when I first asked about it and was told it was on the roadmap. It’s 2024 and I haven’t seen a single update about this supposed product which should have been in beta 5 months by now.

Hello @Bradley1 , product pre-sale will be released this month.

Hello @medic725 , I’ve clarified my mistake talking in previous posts that the old lock doesn’t support upgrades, as it requires hardware restructuring. Sorry for any confusion :sob: