Wi-Fi doesn’t connect, only Bluetooth

I can only connect to the lock via bluetooth. Wifie (remote access) doesn’t work. Batteries are lasting about a month before needing replaced. This is unacceptable for a remote lock since you can only access while you are on location. Another disturbing issue is that I have found the lock in the unlocked position on several occasions even though it is paired with a sensor and scheduled to auto lock after 2 minutes. I am running firmware 01.22.0023 which I believe is the latest version. As a beta tester, I would have expected to have a questionnaire sent out on a regular basis, but to date, I have only received one survey early on and then nothing else. One would think that if you are investing in sending me a free lock, you would want to know how it’s working. Like other testers, I am not comfortable with this lock at this point in the testing. Hopefully, they can fix the bugs.

Regarding the wifi issue, can the lock be configured to connect to wifi at all? What wireless security protocol is your router running?

I find that many IOT devices do not like WPA3. My newest gen AX router has an option for WPA2/WPA3 for the SSID, and one device refused to connect. The router had to be set to WPA2 only.

Thank you for your feedback. Have you successfully configured the wifi? Does the “WiFi” in the settings page show “enabled”?

It does show enabled if I can get the settings page to populate. It’s very unreliable on connecting. Router is in same room about 10’ away.