App Issues (I have the beta version of the app)

This doesn’t really pertain specifically to the device I am beta testing, as it works for that door lock, but after updating to the beta app, I can no longer access, update or add new users to my original bluetooth with a bridge door lock that I have had for awhile. I get get “network disconnected” and timeouts when I try and open up the users tab on that lock. I cant see the current users or anything, just a loading menu. I can still control the lock and I have either the bluetooth or the wifi symbol in the upper right corner, its connected and I can get the specs on the lock, just cant change the users or the code.

I’ve been getting this when I try a lock/unlock or try to manage users. Will try a reset of the lock to see if that helps.

I can lock and unlock without issues, just cant control users on my OLD lock. On the beta lock I can add/remove/edit with no issues.