What is going on? New update

It is getting dificult to use your lock much less recommend it. Is this a one man shop? Releasing updates that force people to reset is plain simple sloppy. Get your act toghether.

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Download smart things. Works like a charm. Can use it remote too

Sorry, but resetting is unnecessary. Could you please tell me what problems have you encountered?

Resetting IS necessary. I had to do it as well. Your QA on this app was appallingly bad.

You clearly did no user testing with real people.

You really owe your customers a giant apology for borking this whole thing. You couldn’t even be bothered to announce the upgrade until AFTER it was being pushed out through Apple’s App Store.

Getting in touch with support was difficult. I left three voicemails and no one ever acknowledged them. Did anyone listen to them? Who knows? I kept calling and eventually someone picked up the phone. After bumping it up to 2nd level I was able to get mine working again.

Your company looks so bad here and you seem to be completely clueless about it. I’ve extolled how great your lock is, but I will not do that again. Customer service is important. Figure it out. What you’re doing now, isn’t working.

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