New update doesn’t allow me to connect

Completely frustrated!!!
The new U-Tec update doesn’t allow me to access my lock. I have reset the the smart touch lock MULTIPLE times, unplugged the pair bridge, reset the router, logged out and back into the app, deleted and reinstalled the app, deleted the app on devices, nothing is working. When I purchased the home the previous owner gave me complete access and deleted the app once I was able to use it. I have never had any issues until this update. It is frustrating that I can’t unlock the door from my phone or use the touch pad. I have read through multiple posts regarding this but not finding anything solutions. PLEASE HELP

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If you have smart things. That works like a charm. It can lock and unlock but you can’t use it for all the other settings the main app has

Okay, could you please tell me your u-tec account?

Sorry I’m not sure what you’re asking the u-tec account

Sorry I don’t know what you asking for but I can’t access my bridge and lock

I will contact you by email, please check your email later.

This update has caused nothing but issues. I posted on here what’s happening, called customer support only to get I can to contact the previous owner of the lock to see when it was purchased or the deed to this house to show that I purchased the house to submit a ticket. All of this is ridiculous. I have lived in this house for 12mo never had any issues with the lock but once the U-tec updated no longer can use it. What a waste!!

I too can’t seem to get a reply from anyone at U-Tec so I will share what I had to do to resolve the issue:

  1. Log into U-tec app.
  2. Remove all devices (including bridges).
  3. Delete U-tec account.
  4. Wait two hours until everything clears from the cloud.
  5. Re-create your account.
  6. Set everything up from scratch again.

Thank you Matt2 I will delete everything again and see if that works.