Booo censorship!

There has been a new release of App in App Store. You can check and download.

There has been a new release of App in App Store.

There has been a new App release in App Store, please downoload to see if your auto unlock issue is solved.

Maybe for iOS… For Android… For which I have… There is no update yet!

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I dont see any update for mine either for android

Just got the update, we will see if it works when I arrive home

I’ve downloaded the updated app and IT STILL DOES NOT WORK

… 4 attempts later. Finally got it to work. I’ve spent too long with it today so hopefully it will work on my next trip out.

In the end I had to: remove the device (lock) from the app, delete the app, reset the lock (pin on the bottom), reboot the phone, download the app, install the app, setup the lock, reset the distance to 1000, place the lock on the map 15 ft-ish in front of my front door. Then I had to go into the app permission settings and make sure it activated the precision location, run all the time, allow run in the background, auto run, and all the other damn settings. Then on my 4th attempt it finally worked. . But… It’s auto locking twice!