App Issues After recent iOS 2.0.5 Update

I find the new version of the app to be unusable, literally. I can log in and I was able to change my location name, but I cannot do anything else. I cannot remove users, I cannot unlock or lock the door, I cannot re-enable auto lock which was functioning normally with the older app.

No matter what I do, it times out and says “Failed to get ultraloq status”. I have deleted and redownloaded the app, I have restarted my phone. Nothing works now. Can I get some help with this please? Thanks.

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Hi, is the problem still existing for you.

Hi Frank,

I finally decided I’d tried everything and just factory reset the lock. After some time I got it working again. Was going to wait until tomorrow to respond to make sure all was well, but that is where things stand. Thanks for reaching out.

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Great to hear that. There is a likelyhood that we are upgrading the server if your operaiton is at night time.