App version 2.09 has problems

The ultra-lock program no longer works like it is supposed to. Initially, it worked OK. But, now when I open it, it says “connecting” and doesn’t say when it has connected, the whirligig just keeps whirling around. There is a strange workaround that I discovered. If I go to the settings it gives the correct state of the battery, so I know it has really connected. If I next touch Lock Mode and immediately return to the settings (without actually changing the Lock Mode), and then go back to the original screen, the whirligig has stopped and it says “Locked.” If I now touch the “Locked”, it changes to “Unlocking” and then to “Unlocked.” It continuously says “Unlocked” without updating to “Locked” like it should after awhile.
My lock is the Ultra-Lock UL3 that I purchased in 2019. The program is version 2.09

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I have the same problem. The WiFi bridge shows it’s paired yet the U-Tec app just spins attempting to connect.
All firmware on both door locks are current.
Batteries are new.

Glad to know I’m not the only one with this problem.
I think the problem occurred when they updated the app to version 2.09
Before that, I think it worked OK.
The workaround I found just by chance.
Try it to see if it works for you.

Same issue here. Frustrating.

I have the same exact issue! I went as far as resetting everything but that also didn’t work, the work around that Peter 4 suggested worked for me.

Another workaround that I found is the following.
Go to the settings and turn on “Magic Shake.”
Also turn on “Knock to Open.”
Both of these work. Just open the app, select the lock, and then either shake or knock your phone.
The “Knock to Open” doesn’t seem to work if my phone is in my pocket, but just tapping directly on the phone works.

Peter, thanks for suggesting the work around. However the work around has to be performed every time I open the U-tec app.

U-tec needs to fix this significant problem. The release of v2.09 was last year.

There is another user complaining about the poor support. That worries me!

Today’s update fixed the connection problem.

Nope, I am wrong. Sometimes it shows it’s connected but will not unlock.

For me, the iPhone version seems to work OK, but the iPad version still has problems.

The latest update of the U-tec software 2.0.11 has improved iPhone communication dramatically. In fact it has never worked better. BT is super fast, WiFi not as fast but still good.