We are Recruiting for U-tec Beta Group(Long Term Effective) ✳

Sounds interesting! Besides feedback and having fun, is there any other advantage to this testing group? :slight_smile:

I am and have been a beta tester for apple IOS and Android beta testing. I belong to google Screenwise testing and also Nielsen internet tracking. I have tested products for Home Depot Harbor freight and Drummond shallow well pumps. I would like to take advantage of this beta group if I’m selected. I believe I can always learn new things and as a group of testers coming to a community conclusion is what it’s all about. Shared learning. Thanks for allowing me to apply.

It’s been a while since I’ve been a beta tester for anything, but it’s always exciting to know that you are among the first to try out a new product! U-Tec offers some really great products that are cutting edge, and, whether I’m chosen or not, I look forward to seeing what they have to offer next!

Hopefully I get selected. I love all my products so far. Would love to be able to assist with advancements

Always excited about the possibility of getting picked, hopefully this time.

This is so exciting!! Good luck to everyone!

You have great products. I’d love to help refine them so more people see what great stuff you have.

Pick me , pick me
Would love the opportunity to be actively involved in a testing program for automation/ tech products

So excited hope I get picked

Great products, and an opportunity to be a part of testing is awesome

Great idea to bring us closer to u-tech products , this is a nice program to use

Looking forward to testing new products. Always good to help make new products better.

I have a technology degree under my belt and tons of smart home products. I def could test these products quite a bit.

Also hoping to test the new smart garage door opener so i can replace the current my q system and have one app for all my doors

What a great opportunity!

Thanks for the invite. Filled out the form. Hope to getin on this

I look forward to hearing that I can help with products. Look forward to being impressed with them. Thank you

as an owner and smart home euthiast, I would be interested in participating in your beta programs.

Does anyone know when invites will be announced?

By filling out the application, you are into this beta group automatically. Next time when a testing is coming, only beta group will receive an invitation email. We will select limited testers for that specific testing then.

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