We are Recruiting for U-tec Beta Group(Long Term Effective) ✳

Excited for the opportunity! Love these products!

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I love U-Tec’s products and was lucky enough to be a part of the U-Bolt Pro WiFi beta testing group. It was so much fun and rewarding to help test new versions of products. I submitted my application and hope to be selected.

Just filled out the form. Happy to help make the great products U-tec makes even better!

Been waiting for this. Hope I get in!

Me! Pick Me! :heart: :heart: No seriously I hope I am in.

This would be so cool. I absolutely love the currently lock we have on our main door

Sounds like a great opportunity. Looking forward to hearing back!!

I look forward to seeing the new products and hope to be selected for this program!

I love new tech! I hope I’m selected. :crossed_fingers:

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Cool! Just submitted the form, looking forward to it!

Sounds like a good opportunity

I would love to beta test your products.

Exciting news! Can’t wait to see what is being launched.

I am keen, this should be fun!

I hope I get picked too

Sounds like a great opportunity

Cool. Hope I’m selected

Awesome! Bring it on!

Looking forward to it!

Great opportunity to develop very cool tech. Hope this program works out well!