🎁 Exclusive Opportunity: Beta Test and Win a Gift Box!


Dear valued customer,

Thank you for your support of ULTRALOQ products.

We are planning a comprehensive redesign and major update for the old version of the U-tec app, and we’re rebranding it as U home. We would like to invite you to be a part of this exciting initiative. As a token of our appreciation, we are offering the opportunity for select participants to receive free samples.

Why is U-tec app being renamed U home app?
This year, we will be releasing more smart products, such as lights, plugs, switches, sensors, and cameras. Some of these products will be launched in a month. We want to provide an easier way to make more of your home appliances smart. Therefore, we have chosen a more fitting name - U home. We hope to create a safe and automated smart home for you.

Why join the beta testing?
Experience better app functionality. The U home app has better interactive capabilities, with added features such as Scene Control, convenient ON/OFF switch, Group Control and quick viewing of the device status.

1. Opportunity to receive a free beta gift box.

Three types of packages, a total 150 slots available:

A. Whole-house smart experience kit:
Bolt Fingerprint1 + Smart Bulb3 + Smart Plug*2, 50 slots available.

B. Plug on smart experience kit:
Smart Plug*2, 50 slots available.

C. Smart lighting experience kit:
Smart Bulb*3, 50 slots available.

2. Participate in the development of the U home app and define the features you want.

3. Opportunity to join the Beta VIP group and participate in subsequent Beta projects.

How to join the beta testing?
Click the button to download U home app.

Download Now

Or you can scan QR Code to download.

Note: After downloading the U home app and logging in with your original U-tec app account, your lock will be synchronized to the new app without the need for re-registration.

How to get the beta testing package?

  1. Download the U home app, experience the new features, and respond to our testing feedback survey.

  2. Join the WhatsApp discussion community and provide feedback on issues.

How to take the survey and win the free samples?
Just fill out the form below, first come, first served.

We hope you can join us!

Best Regards,

Love the new app so far!

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This U Home Beta app is only available on the US App Store.
Why restrict the downloads to US customers only? :face_with_diagonal_mouth: